This once well-fortified little town is situated at the southern end of Lake Maggiore, in a strategically favourable location, just in front of the Fortress of Angera, a medieval castle that still today belongs to the Borromeo Family. They are famous because of their Manor houses and Gardens on Islands Bella and Madre. Arona was the first fief that the Borromeo received on Lake Maggiore, because the town had a castle, the Fortress of Arona, that had a huge military importance to control the trades on the lake. The Borromeo family is still in possession of the castle, only ruins of which survive. Around them was created a park open to the public with views of the town and the lake. In the ancient town the main street is lined with shops. The lake-front has views of the Lombard shore and of the castle of Angera. Close to Arona is the statue San Carlone. Continuing northwards, along the Simplon road, lined with mansions in different styles and secular parks with different flowerings according to each season, in few minutes you can reach Stresa.